An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Auto-Attendant is the first on hold message a customer will hear when they call your business. It can perform as a simple welcome message, or function to help guide the caller’s inquiry to your business’s desired department or employee.

Some great examples of effective use of IVR are the creation of an After Hours message- an additional courtesy for your customers, and if your business operates nationally, a professional message advising of public holidays and time differences in your area is courteous and will retain customers. Add to your customer experience, and engage with your audience on a personal level.

Captivate Connect works collaboratively with you to improve and streamline the call experience for all inbound callers. With a wide variety of professional voice-over talent to choose from, we deliver custom IVR’s to help improve customer experience and strengthen brand positioning. Impress your callers today with a high-quality service.

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